Puerto Rico and Spanish Virgin Islands; Mar 8-16, 2012

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Stabilizer Maintenance

Back when we were on the hard in Trinidad, we noticed a trickle of oil down the port stabilizer.  Justin, our TRAC technician, advised us that it was time to replace the external seals, o-rings, and zincs on the stabilizers.  Since our model features header tanks that deliver reserve gear oil, there was little danger of sea water incursion.  Justin had neither the parts nor the tools to do the job in Trinidad, so he asked about our planned itinerary.  When we informed him of our intention of coming all the way up to Puerto Rico, he smiled and said that he knew a technician there that could perform the job if he had the parts.  So we had the parts shipped to us, and contacted David Kendrick of "The Yacht Garage" at Villa Marina in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

We were scheduled to move on March 7 from Puerto del Rey Marina to Villa Marina, but the wind was blowing so hard that we decided to wait a day.  (Waves were splashing over the breakwater at del Rey.) On March 8, we motored up to Villa Marina and squeezed into their almost-too-narrow hauling dock.  Out of the water at 10:30 AM and back in the water by 4:45 PM.  Nice to have that out of the way.  Wonder if we can wait another eleven years to have it done again!

Not a lot of extra room in the hauling dock

Dave Kendrick on the left, and his technician (who did the work), also named Dave, on the right

What the bottom of the fin looks like when removed

What the stub looks like before being cleaned

Re-installing the fin

Puerto Rico

When we left Villa Marina we motored out to Isla Palominos, where we spent two nights, violently rolling during the day and early evening every time a Conquistador ferry went by.  Then, back to Cayo Obispo so that we could catch their ferry into the mainland.  Susan and Keith (Island Roamer) picked us up at the ferry dock, and we all went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant "Lolitas".  Big, popular, and good food.  And fun to get caught up with Keith and Susan.

Isla Palominos

Cayo Obispo

Island Roamer (picture taken later at Francis Bay, USVI)

Note added much later:  the vessel above is NOT Island Roamer.  This has gotten to be embarrassing.  Every time we have shared an anchorage with Island Roamer, we have failed to recognize their boat.  They tease us for not saying "hi", and we apologize and point out that their boat is so big that it doesn't seem possible that we could know someone on it.  And then it happens again the next time.  It happened again in Francis Bay, but we thought we had finally captured a photo, only to later see the above boat at Crown Bay Marina, emblazoned with a name definitely NOT Island Roamer.  BLUSH.

Culebra Again

March 11, back east to Culebra, where we tucked into the cozy anchorage at Dakity.  Along the way we passed Asseance, struggling to sail against the prevailing winds.  They eventually switched to motor sailing, and anchored near us when they arrived.


Panorama of Dakity anchorage


We hatched with Asseance the plan of renting a golf cart and seeing some of Culebra, and so went into Dewey to investigate availability.  Turned out all the golf carts were rented, so the next day we rented a 4-door Jeep and set out to visit as many beaches as we could.

Crossing the cable that stretches parallel to the bridge

Mid-March leftover from Xmas, located across from Zaco's Tacos, where we had a super lunch

Island Tour (of beaches)

Punta del Soldado
Playa Zoni

Heather and Don

Guess who?

Flamenco Beach

Heather posing in front of the jeep we rented

Tamarindo Beach

Novice snorkelers getting their orientation instructions

Kayakers arriving at the beach, where a concession on a trailer was parked

Feral chickens abounded

Side Trips

We also drove to Melones Beach (no pictures), the last of those we could access by Jeep.  And we stopped at a roadside stand, where the ladies purchased home-made hot sauce.  And we drove down a side road to Costa Bonita Beach Resort, a nice place with tragically few guests, it appeared.

Hot pepper sauce stand

Costa Bonita Beach Resort


Dakity anchorage as seen from the resort

Market Day in Dewey

On the day of our departure to points further east, Barb dinghied in to Dewey to shop at the once-a-week market.  Surprising variety of fruits and vegetables.

One of Dewey's few gas stations and where Barb filled up the gas in the dinghy


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