US Virgin Islands: February 6-13, 2012

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Iris and Mike's Visit

Faithful readers (with good memories) will recall that when we were in Savannah and Barb was recovering from knee surgery, we stayed with Iris and Mike at their home on Modena Island, just north of Skidaway Island near Savannah, Georgia.  On Feb. 6 Iris and Mike joined us in the US Virgin Islands for a week aboard Tusen Takk II.

Iris, President and CEO of Alpha Financial Management, is our financial advisor and has been a friend since the good old days when she and Barb were members of various women's organizations in Savannah in a concerted effort to "network".   She and Mike are triathlon athletes; Iris has competed twice in the Iron Man contest in Hawaii.

On their first night aboard we anchored at Honeymoon Beach off Water Island, with the intention of attending the outdoor movie (of which we have spoken previously).  Alas, Monday was the first day after the Super Bowl, and hangovers prevented Heidi and her gang from putting on their usual showing.

During the visit, we did our usual dance between Christmas Cove and Francis Bay.  At the latter we partook of the prime rib on Friday night at the Maho Bay Camp restaurant, and enjoyed once again watching the glass blowers at work after dinner.  After finishing a sea turtle, they asked for requests and Barb described a bowl she had seen up at the retail shop. It sounded complicated, and was.  Lotsa fun to see them create exactly what she had described. 

Iris rented a paddle board and went for a cruise through Francis Bay; when she returned Barb took it out for a brief maiden voyage.   And of course there were several hikes, including a visit to the Annaberg ruins.  The three of them hiked from Caneel Bay to Cruz Bay by crossing over the mountain; this time Barb found a shorter and lower path that was much easier than that taken by her and Jon and Cathy.

On one of our last nights together, Barb organized a "sundowner" on Francis Beach.  The food and drink and conversation were as enjoyable as usual; what was unusual was the delight experienced by Iris at getting to meet and visit with Suzi (Awakening), famous in running circles for having completed more ultra-marathons than any other woman.

In addition to the usual physically-active "activities", we also all spent a lot of time with our noses at computer screens, since each of us possesses and cherishes our own iPad.  We taught them about some interesting apps, and they taught us about some.  Nighttimes, when not submerged into our iPads, we played Quiddler and Mexican Train dominoes.

Despite some rolly anchorages and their relative inexperience at being aboard a big boat, they did very well at acclimating.  We hope they had as much fun as guests as we had as hosts.

On the way to Annaberg ruins

"Must-stop" photo op at the windmill

Serving period snacks at Annaberg

Iris running a bit on the way back

Glass blower fashions a turtle at the Maho Camp

Lounging at the Maho Camp beach

Mike and Barb releasing the mooring lines

Mike exercises by doing sit-stands

Iris gets some advice on setting ...

... the correct length for the paddleboard paddle ...

... and then she is ready to get wet ...

... and get up ...

... and get going!

Here she is returning after an extended cruise

Barb decides to try ...

... and gets up with no problem ...

... and is seen here returning from a short cruise

Playing Mexican Train dominoes

iPads are so much fun!

On another walk -- this time at an overlook off Maho Beach

Resting a bit and enjoying the view of the Cruz Trail

Panorama from the Cruz Trail

Some of the participants at the Francis Beach sundowner

More participants

Suzi and Iris trading running stories?

Monday Night at the Movies

The evening after Iris and Mike's departure, we took the dinghy over to the ferry dock on Water Island and then walked over the hill to Honeymoon Beach.  Had a chicken sandwich and later shared a delicious hamburger and then ate popcorn and drank beer while watching Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris".   Here are a few pics Barb took while music videos were being shown prior to it getting dark enough for the main feature.

Plastic seats to the front ...

... and golf carts to the rear




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