October 8, 2011: Alhambra

The four Americans asked Harold to join us in an excursion to Granada to see Alhambra.   We left Casa Emilie early, and had high hopes of getting the combined admission tickets that would grant us access to the inner palaces as well as the outer grounds.   No joy.  Apparently, the attraction has grown so popular that the only way of obtaining the tickets to the inner palaces is to buy in advance.  So, for our second trip to Alhambra, as in the first (back in 2006), we had to be content with the outer grounds. 

Plaza de Armas

Torre de la Vela (watch-tower)

Patio de la Acequia (Court of the Water Channel)

Church of Santa Maria de la Alhambra

Palacio de Carlos V (Palace of Charles V)

Girls looking down into the open interior

Amazing exhibit in the Museum of Fine Arts in the upper floor of Charles V palace

Down in the open interior of Charles V palace

Rings such as these hang from the outside wall of Charles V palace

Another style of the rings on the outside wall of the palace

Remaining tiles in a small room on a bath house

Intricately-inlaid boxes were for sale in many of the small shops along the street

Looking down on Granada from the wall of the plaza between Alcazaba and Charles V palace

Another panorama looking north

Gals in garden

Barb took a picture of the flowers in the gardens ...

... and so did I

Fantastic lunch in a restaurant just across the street from the entrance


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