Sept 19-26, 2011: North Dakota and Las Vegas

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Robb Gathering

Mike Robb has tragically been diagnosed with a recurrence of the bladder cancer for which he had surgery about four years ago.  The news brought all of his children (and grandkids) home for a weekend, during which many fine meals and adult beverages were consumed.

Mom, Mike and Zona, and their kids and grandkids

Jon, Cole, Cathy and Katie pose with Mike

Mattie proudly displays a new toy

Mattie, Susan, John, and Oliver pose with Mike

Mom with greatgrandkids Cole, Oliver, Katie and Mattie

Susan and John and Jessie ...

... visit with Mike

Mike's brother Floyd toasts with the special drink he has just made for everyone

Away from the bar (resting her new knee) Barb also enjoys the concoction

Erik's wife Cindy busy in the kitchen

Mom and Barb at the conclusion of one of the feasts

Auntie Jessie, Mom Cathy, and kidlets Katie and Cole ham in up

An extreme panorama showing the interior of the new Great Room

Lake Isabel

We also took advantage of the fine weather one weekend and went out to the lake in order to button things up for the season, including the daunting task of getting the dock out of the water.   (Breaking ice in the Spring would destroy the dock were it left in the water.)   Daunting, because this year the unusually wet summer conditions had filled the lake all the way up to the bulkhead and hence there was no room to store the dock out of the water in the sand below the bulkhead.   Cathy's Jon removed the heavy iron legs of the dock, and lake-neighbor and friend Marvin drove the pickup that was used to pull the dock up over the bulkhead and onto the lawn.   Later, Zona took grandkids Cole and Katy for a ride on the four-wheeler, with Cole doing most of the driving!

Panorama of the lake front behind Robb's cabin

Jon bringing one of the heavy dock legs to shore

Pulling the dock out onto the lawn

Scene after the dock was up on the lawn

Katie, Zona and Cole on a beautiful day at the lake

Visit to Las Vegas

During our last week in the States, Chuck stayed in Bismarck while Barb flew out to Las Vegas.   There, she visited her dad Cliff and her son Jeff.  She and Cliff stopped in to see his friend Ernie who is a retired pilot and an avid model plane builder and flier.  He showed her his work on his latest plane and then also showed her many of the other planes he has built and flown. 

Cliff's friend Frank was convalescing after a fall at a facility bout 20 miles away, so Barb drove Cliff out so they could visit Frank a couple of times.  During one of the visits Barb finally met Frank's daughter Sandra and her husband who are boaters and interested in cruising in the Caribbean.  They had just returned from a two-day, 1,000-mile trip finding geocaches  in three states around Nevada.  Barb had never heard of Geocaching, but soon was investigating it at  We discovered that there are caches everywhere.  For example, Chuck discovered there was one just across the highway from Zona's home, on the campus of the University of Mary.  He also discovered that some of them are not easy to find.  We also discovered that there are some in the south of Spain, but as it turned out our schedule there -- where we went next -- did not give us the chance to look for them.

Speaking of Spain, we know we are behind on our log.   We'll get caught up soon, when we return to the boat in a few days. 

Barb's father Cliff attended a seminar on commodity trading and bought a book by his trader Carley who was one of the presenters

Barb's son Jeff and his new dog Scruffy

Ernie showing us the progress he has made on his latest plane



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