Grenada: May 27-June 9, 2011

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Prickly Bay and Hog Island

We arrived at Prickly Bay, Grenada, on May 26th.  Checked in the next morning, and discovered that the Customs/Immigration office at Prickly has been spruced up a bit.  There is now an annex featuring a large table where cruisers can sit and fill out the single form used by both Customs and Immigration.  Surprisingly, there is still a third person in the office: a health department official who has his own form for the cruiser to fill out -- a form that is a hold-over from the flu scare of several years ago.  Interesting demonstration of the tendency of government positions to become entrenched and "permanent".

Old friends and buddy-boat companions Jack and Jo (Bodacious) arrived on the 28th.  They were travelling with Maury and Bonnie (Smidge), and soon made the acquaintance of Dave and Helen (Jammin), since all three were focused on getting to Trinidad.  On the 30th we showed Bodacious the short route from Prickly Bay to Hog Island, having had quite enough of the rolls that so often characterizes Prickly.  As usual, the short 3-mile trip was a bit bumpy, so it took us about 41 minutes from anchor up to anchor down.   Bodacious, Smidge, and Jammin were new to these waters, and their crews were anxious to profit from our experience.  We did our best to share and be helpful.  It was great to see Jack and Jo again and fun to make new friends with Smidge and Jammin.  All too soon it was time for them to make the passage down to Trinidad; they departed together one evening at about 6 PM.

Bodacious arriving at Hog Island

Getting their dinghy down to explore the area

Lunch at Whisper Cove w/ Jack and Jo (Bodacious)

On their last day, we introduced Bodacious, Smidge, and Jammin to rotis at Nimrod's.

Young boys from various boats in the area having some fun kayaking

Kids at mock war on Hog Island

A busy Sunday afternoon at Roger's Beach Bar on Hog Island

Nervous wife using a dive flag to protect her husband (in the water cleaning the boat bottom) from local boats speeding to Roger's

'Doc' Adams and Jeanie

Gary 'Doc' Adams, Jeanie, Barb & Chuck after lunch at Le Phare Bleu

Some of the impressive buildings on the private island Calivigny

Here and About

Friends Linda and Steve on Seaman's Elixir will not be forgotten at Clarkes Court Bay Marina

Dinghy concert on Clarkes Court Bay

We were only able to stay for a few songs but the band sounded great

Dwight and Stevie

Dwight showing us a barracuda he speared on a free dive

Small red snapper we caught on the line that Dwight and Stevie rigged for us.

Barb was not sure about cooking the cleaned fish whole. She asked Stevie about cutting it up and he did so in a way she was not expecting.

Chuck with Dwight and Stevie who are relaxing after a long day of fishing (Dwight dives to 70' and fishes via snorkel and speargun)

Hiking the neighborhood trails

Chuck hacked his way to the top of a hill to get this shot of the bay behind Hog Island




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