July 26-31, 2011: San Francisco and Sunnyvale, CA

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San Francisco

We flew out to the West Coast on Tue. July 26, and spent the first three nights with son Wil, who now lives in a gorgeous house in the Castro district of downtown San Francisco.  During the days we drove our rental car to Sunnyvale, where we each spent a total of about 14 hours packing and sorting the contents of daughter Lara's rental home. 

On Thursday night Wil had a number of friends over and they all pitched in to make guacamole and fajitas.  The food was delicious and the conversation lively.

Wil's new home, where our oversized rental barely fit in the driveway.

Barb in conversation w/ Wil's friend Stephanie

Wil sauteing for the feast

Wil has a huge dining table

Dad and son


On Friday we remained in Sunnyvale instead of returning to San Francisco.  We stayed at the hotel that had been chosen for the out-of-town attendees for Lara's reception.  The memorial gathering was held in a near-by mortuary at 1:00 PM on Saturday, and was attended by about 41 people.  Hank's friend Sean did a sensitive and masterful job of presiding. Siblings Wil and Nellie spoke.  Lara's mother Sigrid spoke.  I spoke.  Lara's dear friend Hank spoke.  Barb spoke.  Others spoke from their seats, including Hank's daughter Laura.  Afterwards, we retired to the hotel where there was a reception that featured videos of stills contributed by Hank and the family.  The videos were graciously assembled by Susan Tadewald, who is my niece and sister Zona's daughter. There was a buffet lunch that had been arranged by Wil and his executive assistant Zena.  The hotel was extremely accommodating, including letting us retain the use of the reception room after the reception was over.  Family members and Hank and Laura hung around into the evening, visiting and snacking on the remains of the buffet. 

As I have mentioned before, it is my intention to create for this blog a memorial page dedicated to Lara.  I will do so when I can face up to this emotional task.

Presider at the memorial: Sean

Wil and Nellie with their mother Sigrid

Nellie's daughter Jessie

Nellie's daughter Katie

Barb and son Jeff

Chuck's mother Evelyn

Chuck and Zona with mother Evelyn


Mom and Nancy Linderman Kernan

Nancy Linderman Kernan -- daughter of Mom's second cousin

Chuck and cousin Keith Schmidt

Keith and wife Linda

Keith's son Jeremy and his wife

Hank and daughter

Chuck's cousin Ken Bergh and his wife

Ron, husband of Chuck's cousin Cheryl

Sigrid's sister Sooz