July 20-25, 2011: Savannah, GA

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We continue to deal with our grief over Lara's death and appreciate everyone's condolences.  We have gotten things arranged in San Francisco during the past few weeks and will have the memorial service there with family and friends on July 30th.  We head there on the 26th to begin dealing with her affairs.

Exceptional Hospitality

We were met at the Savannah airport by Mike and Iris Dayoub, who picked us up and took us to their beautiful home on Modena Island, just north of The Landings on Skidaway Island.  We were their guests for the week, and were even given the use of one of their cars.  Mike and Iris are both remarkable triathletes;  Iris has competed in a number of Iron Man contests.

Mike and Iris

Barb and Iris

Daughter Danielle and Granddaughters Kristen and Abigail

We drove up to Rincon to visit Danielle and the girls, anticipating that we could find a fun activity to keep everyone entertained but minimize walking, since Barb's knee had advanced to a "hobble and limp" stage.  On the first visit we all went in to Hilton Head, where we visited the Coastal Discovery Museum and Harbour Town.  On the second visit Barb accompanied the girls to a local stable where the girls take weekly riding lessons.


Barb and Abby at Coastal Discovery Museum

Barb at a display in the museum

The Johnson family poses in the museum


Krissy outside the museum


At the entrance to the museum

A Southern icon: a moss-laden live oak

Abby helping Grandma find a bird in the marsh grass

Object of their attention

Famous Harbour Town lighthouse

Abby poses at Harbour Town

Resident Krogen at Harbour Town

Cleaning horse prior to Sunday ride

Ditto for Krissy

"Fixin'" to ride

All mounted and set to go

And so is big sister

And away they go!

Reunion with Good Cruising Friends

Mike and Iris offered to host a barbeque for us and any friends we might like to invite.  Confident that we could later get with any local friends, we chose to invite Steve and Linda (Seaman's Elixir), who were in Brunswick working on refitting their catamaran after a disastrous lightning strike.  We met them in early 2007 when we were all making the jump from the Bahamas to the Caribbean.  We cruised together for a number of years but now they have decided to give up the cruising life and move back to Colorado.  We sure will miss cruising with them but hope the friendship will continue. 

Linda and Barb


Doctor Visits

Barb's visit to the orthopedist Dr. Woo ended with a recommendation for a partial knee replacement.  She was pretty bummed but there were few other options.  The cartilage on the inside (medial) portion of her knee was gone and it was bone on bone there.  The knee cap and outside portion of the knee were fine.  Supposedly the partial knee replacement is much less invasive and has a recovery period of weeks rather than months.  She is scheduled for the surgery August 1st when we return from Lara's memorial service.   Chuck's doctor ran a number of tests to determine the cause of his painful joints.  It appears that he has no serious health issues but is becoming inflicted with arthritis in more and more places.  It's hell getting old!

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