February 19-23,2011 -- Bonaire

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Back in Diving Paradise

When the moon is out at night we can see through the water to the very bottom; gosh, it is nice to be back in clean water.  When we returned from the States we brought along a new Ikelite housing for my DSLR and a new Canon G12 and new Ikelite housing for Barbara.  We had our first dive yesterday.  Here are some of the photos from my first effort:

Bridled Gooby

Eye of a French Angelfish

Harlequin Bass

Scorpion Fish

Secretary Blenny

Another Secretary Blenny

Old Friends

We were delighted to discover a number of "old cruising friends" here in Bonaire.  Stan and Maggie (Inner Wisdom), Bill and Mary (Orion), and Don and Pam (Dorothy Ellen) are here.  We spotted Inner Wisdom first, and as we cruised by to say hello Stan offered to jump in his dingy and come help us get secured to a mooring.  Always a welcome offer here in Bonaire, since our bow is so high and we cannot stretch the mooring lines up high enough to be able to put our lines through them.  Stan and Maggie had a celebratory evening for us on their boat along with Pam and Don.  The next day we found Orion newly tied up to the little marina near Karels.   We were invited on board and had a great time getting caught up on their adventures.

Gym Rats

We have joined the local gym in downtown Kralendijk, and so every morning we drag ourselves out of bed at early-o'clock and take the dingy in to exercise for several hours.  My knee and shoulders and heart and lungs are happy for the attention, and Barb is excited about getting back into shape.  The difference between the National-Award-Winning Golds Gym in Bismarck, North Dakota and the gym here is striking, with the latter featuring a plank floor, open windows all around, and no air conditioning, but so far we are very pleased with the facility, even if it is a little less resplendent in equipment.

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