August 12-18, 2011: Raleigh, NC

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Visit w/ Daughter and Granddaughters

On Aug. 12 we picked up a rental car and drove from Savannah to Cary, NC, a quiet but prosperous town nestled up to Raleigh, and the home of daughter Nellie.  Granddaughter Jessie is 16, a soon-to-be junior in high school, and a newly licensed driver.  Granddaughter Katy is 21, a junior at Meredith College, and just moved in to an apartment on campus.  During our visit, or shortly before, Barb somehow strained the tendon behind her new knee, so our activities were somewhat curtailed.  Never-the-less we managed to see two movies and patronize a number of restaurants.  The most impressive visit was to the North Carolina Museum of Art, an incredible facility that houses an awesome and varied collection, including an enormous number of sculptures by Rodin.  But activities aside, it was a warm and satisfying visit with loved ones.

Recently, the family's pet collection was doubled from the former number of two Whippets by the addition of two Sugar Bears, small marsupials from Australia.  They possess the kind of loose skin that we associate with flying squirrels, and indeed, as the last photo documents, Sugar Bears do indeed "fly".

Barb exercises her knee in Nellie's newly-landscaped back yard

One of the buildings on the impressive campus of Katy's Meredith College

Another building on the campus

In the kitchen of Katy's campus apartment ...

... and on the couch ...

... where Jessie and Katy ham it up

Nellie and one of her Sugar Bears

They have a cute face ...

... opposable thumbs, a long tail ...

... and enough loose skin to make them accomplished gliders

At the ...

... NC Museum ...

... of ...

... art

Birdfeeder Birds

Just outside Nellie's kitchen window is a large birdfeeder.  Here are some of the pictures I got through the window:

Female cardinal that is losing her crest

This one is in better shape

Male cardinal

Carolina chickadee


American goldfinch

Tufted titmouse

and another

Female Purple Finch (?)




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