April 13-30, 2011 -- Bonaire

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Yet More Underwater Photos


Long Lure Frogfish (note the lure!)

Balloon Puffer

Banded Jawfish

Boga School

Horse Eye Jacks

Brown Chromis being cleaned

Fairy Basslet

Juvenile Queen Angelfish

Arrowhead Crab

Pederson Shrimp

Pederson Shrimp

Redband Coral Shrimp

Spotted Cleaner Shrimp

Spotted Eel


A Guest Aboard

When we were on the hard in Curacao, we became friends with Matteo (Rosana), the skipper of the boat beside us.  His boat was among those tied up in red tape for a time because Curacao suddenly decided to enforce the rule that a foreign boat can only stay in Curacao for 6 months before incurring import duty obligations.  Last week we got a call from Matteo saying that the red tape had been cleared, his boat had been sold, and he was at loose ends for a brief period while he waited for his flight back to the Netherlands.  Could he come visit for a few days and do some diving with us?  Of course!  We had a grand time.

Chuck and Matteo

Thursday night BBQ

We have mentioned the Thursday night BBQ at the Wanna Dive Hut before.  We often attend.  We went with Matteo (see below) where we sat with Suzi and Michael (Awakening) and their guest/crew as they prepared to depart for Puerto Rico.  On another night, we witnessed the bizarre induction ceremony Wanna Dive conducts for new dive masters.  The inductee dons a mask and snorkel.  Then, a paper funnel is fashioned to facilitate the pouring of rum punch down the snorkel.  Obviously, the inductee cannot breath until all of the rum has been swallowed out of the snorkel.  Barb had her little camera along (mine seems to live in its underwater housing these days), and captured the event.

Drinking the complementary rum punches while awaiting the BBQ feast.

Inducting a new divemaster

Faithful Gym Rats

Yes, it was Barb's little camera that caught a few pictures during a recent workout.

45 minutes on the bike every morning ...

... followed by either an upper- or a lower-body workout


Cruise ship landing

As we headed back toward our dinghy after our morning workout at the gym, we recently saw that a cruise ship was arriving.  Curious about the details of tying up such a big beast, we changed our plans and went to the City Cafe for lunch, from which we could watch the ship come in.  Barb got the following pictures:

The big guy approaches the dock...

... and passes the northern pier to dock at the southern one

A pilot boat fetches heavy mooring lines from the ship ...

... and drags them over to the dock to be slung over a bollard

Dinghy Repair

The parts were finally in.  (Faithful readers will remember that our dinghy got crunched under a dock and the experience left her with a broken shift lever.)  Harbour Village Marina let us use their lift and rack so that we could set the dinghy up on dry land so that John (the local Yamaha dealer) ould install the new parts.  I was happy to pay him to do it -- especially since it turned out to be a messy (i.e. troublesome) job and his rates were very reasonable.

John and his assistant Rubin struggle with a stubborn installation

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