Sept 9, 2010 -- Anniversary Party


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On the evening of Thursday, Sept. 9, we were guests at the beautiful home of Randy and Lourae, former owners of the sailboat Pizazz.  The home features a gorgeous view of Kralendijk and Klein Bonaire, but on this night our attention kept returning to the dramatic scene to the west:  the burning of a naphtha tank in the middle of tanks of crude oil and other petro products in the tank farm at the north end of Bonaire.

View overlooking the infinity pool

Dramatic flareups later that evening

Manuela and Sid

Randy and Lourae

It was the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the marriage of Manuela and Sid (Paradise), and Manuela had put together an extensive spread of dips and sauces and meats and salads for a pool-side fondue.

Manuela describes the items on the table ...

... that is groaning with delectable goodies





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