September 1-7, 2010 -- Bonaire

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We are here in Bonaire during the depths of the low season.   Our dive shop commented just the other day that things had suddenly gotten quiet; they sounded almost glad, remarking that recently they had been so busy that they were ready for a bit of a break.   Not sure they got it, for, if we understand it correctly, a huge batch of new trainees for the Bonaire research institute CIEE has just arrived, and they are all at Yellow Submarine Dive Shop getting scuba lessons.   The certification process must involve the European standards -- much more rigorous than the typical American standards as popularized by PADI -- because we saw the whole batch being carefully watched as they underwent an above-water swimming test that involved swimming down the anchorage a LONG way and then returning.   Clearly, any stroke was ok, so long as the testee eventually arrived back at the dock without going ashore or resting on a buoy.   A few dashed off ahead with polished crawls, others struggled along with head-out-of-the-water approximations.   Some did breast strokes.  Some did side strokes.  Some did "dog paddles".   Some attempted to swim on their backs, and generally had a problem going in a straight line.  We watched one laggard do a complete 180 without realizing it.  She was close to our boat, and we finally shouted out a warning that she was heading in the wrong direction.   Not surprising that she came in dead last.

We have had some beautiful sunsets here in Bonaire.   From our mooring we cannot see green flashes -- Klein Bonaire is in the way.   But nevertheless, the sunsets have been beautiful.   Here are two shots of one I interrupted dinner for just recently, which do you like better?



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