November 26 - December 2, 2010: Las Vegas

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Visit to Las Vegas

Barb flew to Las Vegas the day after Thanksgiving to celebrate the holiday (a day late) with her father Cliff, son Jeff, grandson Zane (who flew in from Idaho) and brother Tim (who flew in from Carrington, ND).  Later, brother Mike came down from Utah to spend a day with Barb and Cliff.  Barb's camera had problems during the trip (or she had problems with the camera :-) ) so she didn't get many photos during her trip.  But it was a busy time.  They ate some great meals, did Christmas shopping, went to a movie, played games in an arcade, celebrated Barb's birthday, and helped her father convert his home office into a guest bedroom. 

Barb couldn't help noticing the difference between an area a with 3% unemployment (Bismarck) and one with a 16%  unemployment rate (Las Vegas).  The car dealers in Las Vegas seem to be closing down left and right, since the crowds are just not like they used to be.  She has been traveling to Las Vegas to visit her parents for years and has long since given up gambling while there.  Her experience is that it is simply giving money away to the casinos. 

Grandson Zane is becoming quite a young gentleman.  He is only nine years old but is a whiz at math.  It's too bad we are away so much and get to see him so seldom.    

Four generations -- son Jeff, Barb, father Cliff and grandson Zane

Zane and Cliff at Barb's birthday lunch

Cliff with his violin

Zane and Jeff racing in an arcade

Brother Tim playing table hockey with Zane

Cliff and Rusty Barlow

A game of Quiddler



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