November 25 - December 6, 2010: North Dakota

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Thanksgiving was an extended-family affair this year.  Some of the cooking took place at Zona's, and the rest took place at Cathy and Jon's, who hosted the feast.   One of the chefs at Cathy's was Erik, who braved the cold to cook a beef tenderloin on the backyard gas barbeque.  There were three tables providing places for folks to sit and eat -- the food was served buffet style.   Yummmm.

Hostess Cathy

Host Jon and his mother Ronnie

Erik bringing in the beef from the cold backyard

Chow line



Erik, Cyndy, and little Katy


Jessica's guy Peter



Chuck resting his knee

Barb's Belated Birthday Party

In addition to the guests mentioned below, Jon and Cathy were also present, but their parenting responsibilities kept them out of range of our camera.

Birthday girl


Cathy arranged for this surprising and delightful cake

Guests Violet and Marvin with host Mike

Guests Jean and Jerry

Guests Jerry and Dawn with birthday girl Barb

Cole and Katy help with the candle flame extinguishing

But the candle is a "trick" candle which much puzzles Cole and Katy

Other Fun Activities

Every time it snows, Barb bundles up and helps to clear the sidewalks.

Hoar Frost

On December 6, we awoke to an enchanted universe due to hoar frost.





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