December 7, 2010: Bottling Wine; North Dakota

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Faithful readers may recall that in the Fall of 2009 Barb and I helped brother-in-law Mike harvest his grapes out at their lake cottage.  Click here to refresh your memory.  After we had cleaned them of all stems, Mike took the grapes in to a wine-making establishment at one of the local malls.  They do all of the hard work and give a call when the wine is ready for bottling. That call came shortly before we arrived in North Dakota this year, and we finally got around to that pleasant chore on Dec. 7.  Here are some pictures taken during the bottling.  Oh, and the wine actually tastes pretty darn good.

Step 1: sterilize bottles and put on rack to dry

Barb feeds bottles while Mike sterilizes

Placing a bottle over this gizmo causes it to squirt sterilizer up inside the bottle

Bottles drying on the rack

Step 2: fill the bottles using an auto-feed pump

The pump sure beats having to siphon -- ask me how I know

Step 3: cork the bottles

Step 4: clean bottle and place foil over cork

Step 5: Seal the foil by placing neck in this heating device for a few seconds

Filled, corked, and sealed bottles ready for labeling

Step 6: Place the labels on the bottles

Step 6: Place labels on the bottles

Handsome label, no?

Good enough to taste?

They sure think so!






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