Bismarck, ND, Las Vegas, NV, and Brian Head, UT: October 18-28, 2009

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As we mentioned in our previous post, some 20 days after my knee surgery I was suddenly and unexpectedly struck by a painful episode of liquid on the knee.  As a consequence, I delayed my scheduled departure from Bismarck and began all over again the slow process of rehabilitation.   The bright side of the situation was that the delay gave me extra time to spend with Mom and sister Zona and the subset of her family that resides in Bismarck.  During this time Mom finished moving out of her house and moved the last of her things to Bismarck.  Zona and husband Mike are in the process of remodeling a wing of their house for Mom's new residence.  It should be an ideal setup for Mom. 

House perched on rim of Missouri River valley -- note the interesting butte in their yard

Panorama taken on a turn of the Missouri River

Sister Zona mowing their huge yard

Also, the initial phase of near-total-inactivity afforded plenty of opportunity for fiddling with the new Mac computer and its software.  Very elegant, indeed.

At work on the new Mac

By Oct. 24 I had long since stopped using crutches, and was fit enough to travel to Las Vegas to join my bride and visit with her folks.   Fortunately, Barb's father was well on the mend from his surgery and her mother was feeling quite well while I was there.  Also, Barb's sister Mary and friend Candy arrived earlier the same day I did to take over the care of their parents.   Mary and Candy spent a week with us in Antigua earlier this year and it was good to see them again.  Son Jeff is now living in Vegas, and he joined us to show us some of his old stomping grounds in Utah.   We first stopped briefly at the Kolob Canyons branch of Zion National Park -- in the extreme northwestern corner -- where we admired the spectacular canyon walls and envied the hikers preparing to depart along the trails.  Then, on to Parowan where Barb's brother Mike and his family live.  Mike joined our entourage and we drove up to Brian Head and on to Cedar Breaks, where there were more spectacular cliffs and also the cabin that Mike is building and the land that Jeff is in the process of buying to build a also cabin.  We hope to spend time there during future hurricane season lullls. 


Barb, Candy and Mary in back row -- Grampa Cliff (unable to shave after neck surgery) and Grandma Louise in the front

Barb and son Jeff at Zion Nat'l Park

Sign at overlook to Cedar Cliffs

Panorama at Cedar Cliffs

Son Jeff, Barb, and brother Mike

Cedar cliffs

Cedar cliffs

Drought a few years ago made the pines vulnerable to bark beetles -- now many have died

Sign at the top of Brian Head Peak

Looking west from Brian Head Peak

Another panorama from the Peak

Looking southeast from Brian Head Peak toward Mike's cabin (w/ red roof)

Jeff at rear of Mike's cabin-in-the-making

Barb, Jeff and Mike look over Jeff's new parcel of land purchased almost adjacent to Mike's cabin

Cliff on the road to Brian Head

Mule deer on protected land near Brian Head

Trophies ...

... on the wall ...

... of Mike's garage/work shop!


Finally, on Oct. 28, we used our lousy connections (12 hour layover at JFK) to return to Trinidad.  It is good to be back, but there was much to do in order to get ready for our launch.  (But that is a subject for a separate issue of "Barb and Chuck Go Cruising".