Grenada: July 17-21, 2009

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Mexican Meal

On July 21 we had a number of folks over for a Mexican meal.   Devi and Hunter (Arctic Tern), Heather and Don (Asseance), Dianne (Jabulani), John (Sojourn), and Steve (Seaman's Elixir).   Started out with many appetizers washed down w/ margaritas y cervezas.  Then, after a short break, the main course consisting of mexican manicotti (thanks to Phyllis on Cocoon for the recipe), chicken enchiladas, yellow rice and refried beans.   Washed down con mucho vino tinto.   Sabroso!

Some people socialize before the meal; others gobble up the appetizers!

Barb "comforts" Steve, who pointedly remains true to the absent Linda

The boys discuss batteries before the meal

Devi practices counting while Hunter tries to remember the next number

Devi and Barb make last minute preparations of the main courses

Dianne (Jabulani) and Don (Asseance)

Steve reaches for his glasses but I am too fast for him

Macareo Talk

On Wednesday, July 22, before the regularly-scheduled Hamburger Night, Devi and Hunter (Arctic Tern) gave a very informative and entertaining slide show/talk on the Macareo River in Venezuela.   Faithful readers will remember that we were with them on their third trip to the river in November of 2008.   (Click here to see our account of that trip.)

Anxious moments just before the talk when the projected image was blue!

Opening screen (after the blue was banished)

Table filled with show-and-tell items from the trip

Hunter and Devi covered different subtopics -- here Devi talks about birds

Burger Night

The serving line formed early, and everyone enjoyed socializing as they waited

Renee is the master chef

Just a small portion of the number of folks served that night

Note Barb's necklace -- one of many things she made at a jewelry making session earlier in the day at the marina

Renee keeps the burgers coming

Barb isn't that hungry -- one of those is for me :-)

Fries and burgers w/ all the fixin's -- enjoyed by Mike (Minx), John (Sojourn) and Steve (Seaman's Elixir)

Barmaid/waitress Ashley behind the bar

Barmaid/waitress Charmella serving (and nibbling) fries

Sam seizes the chance to get a double hug