St. Lucia:  January 1-9, 2009

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Tom and Phyllis, former owners of the 42' Krogen named Cocoon spent two weeks with us in January.  Their practice had been to boat for six months along the east coast of USA or in the Bahamas, and then to put the boat on the hard and return to their home north of Vancouver, Canada, for the summer.  That practice came to a tragic end when their boat was destroyed by fire while on the hard in Deltaville, VA.  So we invited them to escape the Canadian winter by joining us in St. Lucia and Martinique.   We picked them up at the airport in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, and the next day went around the bend to spend several days in the vicinity of the Pitons.   Tom and I did a dive there, and we all caught a taxi up to the Dasheen Restaurant for lunch.  The food was ok, and the view was as spectacular as ever.  Of course, we had to make the slight detour to visit the sulfurous "volcano" that informs the atmosphere around Sofriere.  And one cannot visit St. Lucia without stopping at Marigot Bay, even though it is not really one of my favorite spots, notwithstanding all of the raves we've heard on the VHF from other cruisers.   But of course, they may have all been charter-ers.  And then up to Rodney Bay, where we did some reprovisioning and some chandlery shopping and some restaurant patronizing and some teeth cleaning (Chuck) and some haircutting (Barb) and some hiking through the Fort Rodney park on Pigeon Point.  Tom loves to busy himself with boat chores, and so before I knew it the exterior of the cabin had been waxed and polished, and all of the stainless steel rails polished as well.  Phyllis loves to cook (and is in fact the food editor for the Krogen Cruiser newsletter) so she and Barb had fun creating gastronomic delights during the visit.  Why don't all of our boat guests behave is such a fashion? :-)

* Photo by Tom or Phyllis

Cletis, our favorite boat boy between the Pitons ...

(*) ... nice guy w/ a good selection of fruits and veggies

(*) Cannot be between the Pitons and not visit Dasheen Restaurant

What a setting for a portrait

Returning from Dasheens we stopped at the "drive-through" volcano ...

... which were as smelly and bubbly as ever

On the way to Marigot Bay, w/ Pitons in the background

Maltese Falcon was in the vicinity

(*) Mooring master at Marigot Bay

On the sandy spit protecting Marigot Bay

Atop Ft. Rodney at Pigeon Point

(*) Beautiful boat off Chuck's right shoulder (and beautiful babe off the other one)

Tom on observation peak of Pigeon Point

(*) Lunch on Pigeon Point

Dissembling and cleaning/lubricating fishing reels

(*) Interesting vessel in Rodney Bay