Savannah, GA: June 12-23, 2008

Barb flew to Savannah, GA on June 12th to spend time with daughter Danielle and her family, get medical and dental checkups, get boat things repaired and to purchase lots of stuff.   On the repair front, Barb got a new crown at the dentist, our Dell laptop got its screen and USB port connection repaired through our Dell warranty, and the power supply for one of our navigation stations was repaired.   Barb was so busy with family events on the week-ends and all her appointments and purchasing during the week days that she was was not able to see many friends.  She decided that next time she will stay an extra week to remedy that problem. 

She did have quality time with family.  The first week-end was spent with granddaughters Kristen (13) and Abigail (4) at Jekyll Island, GA.   The girls were either in the pool, at the beach or riding horses.  Danielle luxuriated in a childfree home for the week-end.

Savannah and Jekyll Island

Granddaughter Abigail

Kristen (who doesn't like her picture taken) and Abby (who loves it)

At the beach

Abby on the beach at Jekyll Island

Abigail getting ready for the pool

Girls in the pool at resort hotel

Kristen getting ready to ride

The group taking off

Riding on the beach

Kristen finishing her ride


The second week-end daughter Danielle drove Barb and the girls up to Knoxville, TN to visit brother/son Jeffrey and his girlfriend Amy.   Jeff took everyone to the zoo, to dinner at a great fondue restaurant and to lunch at a sushi buffet.  Yum!


Kristen, Jeff, and Abby heading to the Knoxville zoo

Barb and son Jeff

Barb & daughter Danielle

Danielle and her daughter (our granddaughter) Kristen

Jeff and Amy

Critter at the Knoxille zoo

Abby in the petting zoo

Abby riding a camel

Girls feeding the young camel


Jeff enjoying a cool one

Jeff in his new Caribbean shirt


Jeff's dog Sierra is no longer a young puppy

After returning from Knoxville Barb spent hours trying to fit everything into two large suitcases that could each weigh no more than 40 lbs.  She found that she had to move some of the weight into her carry-on bag which required that she buy a new carry-on bag with wheels.  One of the many things she ordered and had delivered to Savannah was a new motor / cable for the davit.  It came in a large box and weighed 42 lbs.  The cost to ship it down to the Caribbean was going to be over $400, so she planned to bring it back with her on the plane.  The company she purchased it from made a mistake and shipped it to Florida, rather than to Georgia.  They had to overnight it to Savannah so it would arrive on the Friday before Barb returned.  We expect that that shipping cost was probably close to what it would have cost to ship it to the Caribbean.  Unfortunately, on the morning of departure at the airline counter she discovered that only two bags could be checked so the box with the motor was rejected.  The explanation was that the planes are quite full at this time of year so they have to restrict everyone to just two bags.  At other times of the year, one can pay to bring additional baggage but not in June.  :-(  Now the big box sits in Danielle's garage in Savannah.    We are trying to figure out how to get it down here without breaking the bank.