St. Lucia:  April 6-20, 2008

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Daughter Lara, from California, was due to arrive at Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, on April 6.   But she stopped first in Raleigh, North Carolina, to visit her sister Nellie and nieces Katy and Jessie, and unfortunately caught an ugly virus on the way.  At least, that is the assumption, since airlines are perhaps the number one vector for disease communication in the modern world.  In any case, Lara spent most of her Raleigh vacation in bed, and was not well enough to travel when it came time to head to the Caribbean.   She ultimately had to rebook her trip to St. Lucia with a  four-day delay.   Thus, we had her for 10 days instead of 14.  So bad was the virus that the first part of her visit with us was largely inactive and mostly resting.  But she gradually got better, and we were able to snorkel at "Bat Cave", outside of Soufriere, and were able to ascend the path up to the fort on Pigeon Point, and -- on the last two days of her visit -- to finally scuba dive the reefs off the Pitons.  We spent little time at Vieux Fort, but hid from strong winds for a time at Marigot Bay.   Then on up to Rodney Bay for most of the visit.  But then back down to the Pitons for the couple of days of diving and hiking -- and a visit to the famous Dasheen Restaurant with its awesome view of the Pitons, and a side trip to the smelly 'Sulfur Springs'.

Such a joy to have her with us.  Always eager to help, and quick to learn.  Bubbling with memories that served to restore and reestablish those fading in older parents.  Entertaining accounts of vet school and episodes at veterinary practice.  And besides the talking and visiting and getting a little caught up, enjoying some of the same things:  bird watching/identification and fish watching/identification and DVD watching.   It was a good visit, but far too short.

Chuck and Lara snorkeling at Bat Cave, near Soufriere

Lara and Chuck w/ the rangers, arriving back at Tusen Takk II after a dive at "Superman's Flight", off of Petite Piton

The Jade Resort at Anse Chastenet

Lara getting her hair braided at the village market, Casteries.

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

Tusen Takk II in the Bay

Sign at a stand on an overlook to Marigot Bay