North Dakota: September 10-19, 2007

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We flew into Bismarck, North Dakota, where Chuck's sister Zona and her husband Mike live.  Chuck's mom Evelyn was there too.  Drove Mom's car 100 miles east to Mom's home in Jamestown, where we spent several days helping her spruce up her yard.  Then we all returned to Bismarck, where we attended a street fair.  Zona's and Mike's son Erik drove in from Minneapolis and talked Chuck into running in a local race.  Erik did the Half Marathon and Chuck did the 5K.  Erik did great, and Chuck discovered just how out-of-shape he has become while cruising and only running occasionally.  Barb, Zona and Chuck visited the State Capital and enjoyed the adjacent first-class museum which featured the history of North Dakota, including a surprisingly good coverage of the dinosaur (and other) fossils that have been found in the state.

We visited Zona's and Mike's cottage on a small lake east of Bismarck, where we also spent some time with Marvin and Violet, good friends of Mike and Zona, and also friends of Chuck and Barb ever since we all went to Norway over ten year's ago.

For most of our stay in North Dakota, the skies were crystal blue (which is common) and the winds were still (which is NOT common).  The visit was too short, but maybe this way they will be willing to have us back soon.


North Dakota -- the Peace Garden State

Chuck's mom Evelyn and Barb conduct a late harvest of Eve's rhubarb

One of several bunches that turned into two delicious pies!

Start of the Roughrider Marathon in Bismarck

Chuck waiting for the 5K to start

Almost time for the 5K to start

The 5K-ers are off!

Chuck at the finish of the 5K

5K is over -- now waiting for the Half Marathon finish

Chuck's nephew Erik finishing the Half Marathon

Chuck's sister's husband Mike

The finish line along the Missouri River valley

Street Fair in Bismarck

Chuck's sister Zona, Barb, and Chuck's mom at the fair


Zona's daughter Cathy and her son Cole

Zona and Cole



Cathy and husband Jon

We came all the way to Bismarck to get Caribbean food?!

Scene east of Bismarck

It's mighty flat in North Dakota!

Barb takes the measure of the bales

An abandoned church in a dying town

World's largest Sandhill Crane near Steele, ND (Cf. for other examples of ND attempts to attract tourists)

North Dakota capital building in Bismarck

Barb and Zona (and Sakajawea) on capital grounds

Statue of buffalo on capital grounds ...

... made of welded rebar rods!

Barb and horse (also of welded rebar)

Zuccini in Mike and Zona's garden at the lake (note the quarter coin placed for scale)

Cucumber in the garden (with quarter coin)

Pumpkin (and coin) in the garden

Marvin (lakeside friend and neighbor of Zona and Mike) and Cole

Marvin and Violet adding to Marvin's workshop

Cocktails with Marvin and Violet