Las Vegas: September 19-23, 2007

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We flew to Las Vegas to attend a celebration of the 80th birthday of Barb's mother, Louise.  The family is large, and all immediate offspring but one (who was helping her own daughter give birth to a daughter named Vianne on Louise's birthday) came.   "Large", in this case, means "a dozen children".  Barb and her eleven siblings in turn have 26 children who in turn have 15 children.  To celebrate the party 30 family members and numerous friends gathered at a large villa on the western outskirts of Las Vegas (where Barb's parents, Cliff and Louise live) for four days.  The following photos tell the story of what a great time they had.

The Place

Villa where we stayed with 10 bedrooms and 7 baths

View of desert and Las Vegas from villa grounds

Room Assignments


Trampoline in backyard

View of house and pool from treehouse

Guest quarters

Dad trying out the pool table


New York New York Casino in Vegas



The Party

Party posted

Candy & Dan (the chefs) getting dinner ready

Mary (the week-end party organizer) and Angie setting the tables

Tim hard at work on party preparations

Mike, Dan & George grilling

Tim, Barb and Tyler helping with preparations

Appetizers ready

Time to start

Rita, Dad, Joe, Mary, and Mom

Prime rib dinner about to be served

Note the early photo on the table of Barb's beautiful mother

Happy Birthday to Mom!

Mom giving her speech

Mary, Dad, Mom & Mom's good friend Mary

Dan finally gets a chance to eat

Clean-up time

Relaxing afterwards

Relaxing with cards afterwards

More card playing

Party leftovers the next day


The Family

Mom playing pool

Wishful thinking George!

Janelle and Mary

Uncle John, Uncle Joe and Barb's dad Cliff

Abby at pool

Michelle admiring Angie's baby belly

Barb and Audrey

Bathing beauties Makenzie and Bailey

John, Joe, Mom and Dad


Danielle and Kristen outside of Paris casino

Mikeala and George

Michelle, Lori, Tatum and Makenzie

Abby posing in backyard

Tatum, Jessie, Shawnee and Chuck



Candy and George hard at work

Kristen, Danielle and Abby

Jessie and friend Shawnee enjoying a night out in Vegas

Uncles Joe and John

Kristen and Abby enjoying the trampoline


Candy found it!

Angie, Makenzie, Steph and Bailey

Abby at Excalibur

Mikaela pitching in

Mike and Jessie

Dad & Mom

Photographers during family portraits


Pool babes

Queen Abby


Tim worked too hard


Mary and Candy

Girls hanging out on trampoline

Barb, Abby, Kristen and Chuck enjoying the Luxor

Tatum enjoying the trampoline

Mom and her friends


Audrey & Barb


Krissy & Abby playing pool

Who has the biggest belly?


Michelle & Audrey

Hugh entertaining Angie & Audrey

Abby getting a new lifejacket from her Grandma Barb

Dad playing pool


Danielle & Krissy at Caeser's Palace

The "Carr" girls

Uncle John

Angie, Bailey, Audrey

Loir & Stephanie

Enjoying the sun


Mary and Dad

Michelle & Stephanie

Mom & George

Stephanie, Lori & Suzie



Family Portraits

Dad & Mom

Hugh, Suzie, Dan, Barb, Dad, Mike, Adurey, Mom, Mary, Tim, Lori, George

Barb, Suzie, Audrey, Mom, Mary, and Lori

Mike, Hugh, Dan, Dad, Tim and George

All family members who attended

Audrey's family w/Mom & Dad

Barb's family w/Mom & Dad

Dan's family w/Mom & Dad

Tim's family w/Mom & Dad

Mike's family w/Mom & Dad

George's family w/Mom & Dad

Mary's family w/Mom & Dad

Suzie's family w/Mom & Dad

Lori's family w/Mom & Dad

Hugh, Mom and Dad