Spain– October 5 to 16, 2006

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On September 5th we left Tusen Takk II at the Atlantic Yacht Basin in Chesapeake, VA and drove to Washington, DC to begin our marathon trip to Spain.  We had terrible connections and were enroute for 26 hours.  Fortunately all flights were on time and our luggage arrived with us.  In Spain we joined our good friends Lars Helge and Tove Brunborg who sponsored the "1st International Almond Festival".  They have owned a vacation home in the village of Itrabo, Spain for five years.  Last year they bought an almond orchard in the nearby mountains and needed to harvest the almonds from their 75 trees.  Rather than hire Spaniards to harvest them, they decided to invite their friends for the harvest and to enjoy a taste of Spain.  We were honored to be invited and jumped at the chance to participate.  Three other Norwegian couples joined us so there were ten of us in all.  We all knew each from previous trips to Norway, and we were delighted to see them all again.  One of the couples, Per and Ingunn, had us to their cabin in the mountains for the New Years holidays in 2004, and Ingunn gave Chuck a pair of hiking boots a few years ago.  We first met Mardon and Marie in Cassis, France, when we were on our trip to Provence with Lars Helge and Tove.  Mardon has a Morgan automobile and gave us each a ride in it.   Rasmus and Kari were the third couple and Chuck was glad to have a running companion.   Rasmus is in first-class shape, but was very much the gentleman in waiting for Chuck to catch his breath on the steep steep "roads" in the mountains.   Rasmus has a joke for every occasion, and excels in writing bits of poems and songs for the tongue-in-cheek ceremonies that mark the dinners when Tove and Lars Helge's friends get together.

We took too many photos (and received many from Tove & Lars Helge and Per & Ingunn) to put into a single directory, and so we have attempted to subdivide them. We'll add more text as we get time, but you can see the photos now by clicking on the links below.

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