Wenatchee, WA May 12-14, 2006


Visiting Barb's brothers

In the middle of our Seattle visit we drove over to Wenatchee to visit Barb's brothers (Dan and George) and families.  Two of her brothers live in Wenatchee and the other three (Tim, Mike and Hugh) were there for a "boys" get-together.  They had enjoyed a deep sea fishing expedition a few days before we got there, but when we arrived they were all gathered in Leavenworth where brother Dan owns a fine Italian restaurant.  And fine it is, as is his other restaurant in Wenatchee.  We ran into folks in Seattle who raved about the one in Leavenworth.  The food in both is deliciously authentic Italian, and the wine cellars are outstanding.  Speaking of wines, Dan exploited his wine contacts and wrangled us a private tour of a local winery,  where, unlike Napa Valley, the samples were complimentary and the tour was conducted by the vintner himself.   We had a great time.

One afternoon we drove a few miles to a hydroelectric dam on the Columbia River, where we viewed their outstanding museum and saw their salmon ladders.

But activities aside, some of the best times on the visit were spent just sitting around tables and talking.  Chuck didn't get a chance to say much;  nor did he feel a need to.  Barb and her brothers have hundreds of stories and recollections, and their reunions are always special.  


Brother Dan, his daughter Mallory and her fiance, and George's twins Josey and Maggie at Bavarian style May Festival in Leavenworth, WA

Bavarian May Day dance

Barb with brother's Hugh, Tim and George

Tim, Barb and Mike

Brothers Hugh and Mike

Barb and brother Tim

Lunch in Viscontis in Leavenworth

Wine tasting in Wenatchee at Boudreaux


Trip to the wine cellar at Boudreaux

Wine casks in cellar

Salmon ladder at Rocky Reach

Backyard barbeque at Dan and Candy's

Relaxing at Dan and Candy's

Dan with nieces - Nancy, Josey and Maggie

Dan and niece Nancy with two of Dan's dogs

George's daughter Nancy

George and Anne's twins - Josey and Maggie

House George is building

Ann with one of the twins

George and Hugh outside of Viscontis in Wenatchee