San Jose / San Francisco May 16 - 22

Visiting daughter Lara..

After Seattle we flew to San Jose where we spent five days with daughter Lara and her guy Hank.  They were outstanding hosts -- they had consulted with us ahead of time and had arranged for a full schedule of activities and sights to see.  They rented a car to take us around the area since none of the eight vehicles they own can comfortably carry four people.  They have motorcycles, numerous sport/race cars, an RV and a pickup, but no sedan car. 

We visited Bay Model, a huge scale model of the Bay area created and maintained by the Corps of Engineers.  Originally constructed to study the potential effects of damming, dredging and/or filling projects in the greater Bay area, those types of studies are now accomplished by computer simulation, and so the model is now maintained as an educational display. We also drove up to see the redwoods of Muir Woods, stopping along the way at Sausalito.  On another day we all drove up to Napa Valley and did some wine tasting.  We were joined by Chuck's cousin Keith and Keith's wife Linda.   It was good to see them again, but the opportunity was far too brief.  

We also went to see Lara's horse Shadowrun.  Beautiful.  Lara and Barb each took short rides in an arena -- it was raining.  Chuck, who thinks horses are mostly opportunities for serious injury, confined his activity to photography.

We also enjoyed meeting Lara's many animals.  Two dogs, two cats, a snake, two turtles, a pond full of fish, two rabbits, and a family of opossums.  We didn't meet all of the 'possums, but briefly met "Fraidy" -- and we got very up close and personal with "Greedy", who comes to the house in the evening, scratches on the door, and sometimes ends up spending the night in the house.   Oh, for those who don't know, Lara is a veterinarian, and kinda loves animals.

Hank and Lara's garden w/many Koi and two turtles

Took a tour of the Bay Model in San Francisco

Over two acres devoted to a replica of the area around San Francisco's bays

Another view of the model

Lunch in Sausalito

Taj Mahal houseboat in Sausalito

Toured Muir Woods

Lara and Hank in Muir Woods

Napa Valley

Cousin Keith and Chuck in Napa Valley

Lara, Hank, Chuck and Chuck's cousin Keith and wife Linda at winery in Napa

Tasting wine at one of the five wineries we visited

Linda, Keith, Chuck and Barb in Napa

Lara and Hank

Lara's possum "Critter" with her babies

Lara's possum 'Greedy'

Greedy coming to visit Chuck

Chuck, Lara and Greedy

Greedy at rest

Scamper as a youngster

Bunnies Scamper and Roundup

Chuck and Lara with her horse Shadowrun

Lara grooming Shadowrun

Lara riding

Barb having a turn

Lara and girl who rides Shadowrun for Lara

Lara playing her flugel horn