Knoxville - May 24-27, 2006

Visiting son Jeff...


After arriving back in Savannah from the west coast, Barb packed up and headed to Knoxville to visit son Jeff and his girlfriend Amy.  Daughter Danielle, granddaughters Kristen and Abigail, and their dog Boone also went along.  Barb was a bit taken aback to discover that Boone was coming along as she had forgotten that she had agreed earlier.  Fortunately, Boone turned out to be a sweetheart -- he laid in Kristen's lap and the girls enjoyed playing with him on the trip.

When we sold our house last summer, Jeff came to Savannah, rented a U-Haul and hauled off a bunch of our stuff.  It was fun to see a lot of familiar furniture and pictures in his house.  It's nice that its still in the family.  He and Amy have done a lot of remodeling, so things are looking good.

Jeff and Amy took us to Gatlinburg one day where we visited the aquarium.  Lots of interesting fish.  We were sorry Chuck wasn't along to see them.  Afterwards we attended a dinner theater in honor of Danielle's 30th birthday.  Is it possible our youngest is now 30?  Where has time gone?  For her birthday Danielle received a book recently written by her grandfather Cliff, "The Adventures of Rusty Barlow and Peak-a-boo Street".  He wrote and published the book after turning 80.  Pretty impressive! 

The next day we spent at the great zoo in Knoxville.  The kids really enjoyed it and also took a ride on a camel.  The rest of the time we hung out, visited, and ate a lot.  Had a great time.  We're hoping Jeff and Amy are able to come spend time with us on the Chesapeake this summer. 


Kristen getting ready for the trip

Son Jeff

Jeff's dog Sierra and Abby

Amy and the candles she makes

Jeff's new toy

Krissy trying to drive remote control car

Krissy's new dog Boone

Girls inside aquarium

Danielle and Abby

Sea horses

Jeff at aquarium

Danielle and Krissy

Abby, Jeff, Amy Kristen and Danielle

Abby at amusement park

Abby at amusement park in Knoxville

Danielle's 30th

Jeff and Amy

Jeff, Kristen, Amy, Danielle, Abby, and Barb

Elephant at zoo

Amy on turtle

Real turtle in zoo

Girls at petting zoo


Abby riding horse

Girls riding a camel

Making friends with a camel

Jeff the chef

Jeff relaxing in front of his new vehicle